Now, outpatients can also learn yoga at Tambaram Siddha Hospital

A new OPD has been inaugurated at National Institute of Siddha in Tambaram Sanatorium.

Chennai: On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Yogam Maruthuvam Department was opened at National Institute of Siddha (NIS) at Tambaram 21 June.

Till now, the patients in the hospital apart from taking Siddha treatment were also taught yoga to cure various diseases. Now, with the inauguration of out-patient department, people from outside can also learn yoga here. The OPD will function from 8 am to 12 noon.

The hospital Superintendent (incharge) Dr N J Muthukumar said, “Yoga is found to be beneficial in several medical conditions. It is found to be effective in treating diseases like asthma, OA, hypertension, epilepsy etc.”

He further said the therapeutic Siddhar Yogam helps in promoting self-healing. “The practice of yoga brings enormous benefits and positive effects on body and mind. When health concern is of potential issue, the therapeutic approach of Siddhar Yogam finds its importance,” he added.

On an average 2,000 patients undergo treatment at the hospital everyday which has a bed strength of 200. The hospital provides Siddha healthcare services to the public and imparts clinical training to the post graduates of Siddha. It is said that more than 100 patients are benefited by the therapeutic yoga sessions here on daily basis.

NIS is an autonomous organisation under Ministry of AYUSH, functioning since 2004 and has an exclusive PG department for Yoga Maruthuvam since 2016. It is attached to the Ayothidoss Pandithar Hospital (APH), the first NABH accredited Govt Siddha Hospital providing Siddha healthcare services to the public and imparting clinical training to the post graduates of Siddha.

NT Bureau