Ambattur Pasumai Karangal works tirelessly to increase tree cover

Chennai: There are several groups in and around the neighbourhood that work towards social welfare. There are those that help the homeless and the needy. Others do their bit to keep the society clean.

Then there are entities that work solely to save waterbodies. But one group works tirelessly to increase greenery in the neighbourhood by planting saplings and crucially, taking care of them on a daily basis.

The group in question is Ambattur Pasumai Karangal and News Today caught up with its coordinator Ramalingam to find out more.

“Our goal is to plant as many saplings as possible and make zone 7 a green zone,” began the ambitious man. “We work every Sunday to plant saplings and maintain them without fail.”

The team comprises more than 50 people who pull up their socks and never wait to get their hands muddy. They even maintain saplings planted by other groups if they find them receiving no care.

“Many groups come to nearby waterbodies and plant saplings. But they cannot maintain them for some reason. Our members take it upon themselves to water them and help them grow into trees,” said Ramalingam, adding:”It requires a lot of team work.”

Members of the team are known well in the neighbourhood for watering plants at Ayyan kulam and Karuppan kulam.

There is one thing that Ramalingam wants to do at the earliest- register the group as an NGO.

“We are working on it. When we do that, sponsors will come and more volunteers will come. We will able to bring a change in the neighbourhood more effectively,” he said. The members are currently working at Ayyan Kulam and once completed will move to Karuppan Kulam. They plan to plant over 50,000 saplings.

The team will be observing the 25th consecutive week of their proceedings and for those who wish to lend them a hand, contact them at 9841405662.

Praveen Kumar S