Chennaiite makes animal, bird miniatures out of wire


Chennai: Today’s world is obsessed with anything that is wireless. But here at Porur, is an artist whose work is bound only with wires. Give him a piece of wire, and he will, with some twists and locks, turn it into a beautiful piece of art, even miniature forms of insects and birds. Rajaraman, a wire craft artist, speaks to News Today about this unique work.

The septuagenarian says he has been in this field for more than 10 years. He also claims there are only a handful of wire craft artists in the entire world.

Talking about his work, Rajaraman says, “I work in the field of electrics and electronics. Initially, whenever I felt bored, I used to do different shapes with the remaining wires. Then, I surfed through the internet and came across this kind of artwork. I mostly use copper and brass wires and make miniatures, such as animals and birds, out of them.”

He has also taught this artwork to many interested students in the past. “I have currently stopped training, but many people keep approaching me to re-start the classes.”


Impressed by his amazing work, he was approached to train a group of art students in London. “Just like glass paintings on windows and doors, people nowadays opt for wire crafts to add to the interiors.”

As an advice to budding wire craft artists out there, Raman says one should promote their work and teach others, as there are only a few such artists in our country.

Article by P T Usha

NT Bureau