Couple in Madanandapuram completes 60 years of togetherness

Chennai: “When it comes to love, it is all about adjusting and compromising,” says senior couple Raman and Gayathri who are all set to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in a few days.

Speaking to News Today, the couple from Madanandapuram goes down the memory lane and shares about their special bond. “When I met her for the first, she impressed me by just singing a song,” chuckles 90-year-old Raman.

“The 60 years of journey was not easy. We have gone through lots of hardship in our lives. But we faced them together and didn’t give up on each other,” he says.


“She is my pillar of support and her presence around me gives me mental peace. At end of the day, no matter how late we go to sleep, both of us sit in peace and talk to each other. Sharing and honesty play prominent roles for a good companionship,” assures Raman. “Whenever we have a problem or a fight, we do not keep the anger inside us for more than a day. We try to sort out the issue the same day itself,” he reveals. When asked about their strength, Gayathri says, “Whatever problem I or he may go through, we always make sure I am there for him and he for me – this is important for a long and happy relationship.”


Both of them now live with their grandchildren. “Love is all that we give and teach them. We do not encourage them to use cell phones or any other gadgets, but rather teach them life lessons and the importance of direct communication. We feel that both the current generation kids and young couples need to learn about the art of spreading love.”


“Never hesitate to ask sorry to your partner. Always remember, whenever a problem arises, it is not you versus your partner. It is you both versus the problem,” advices the couple.

The couple can be reached at 044-2482 5855.

Article by PT Usha

NT Bureau