Review: Raatchasi – Lofty message

Back in a woman-centric role is Jyothika. She plays a no nonsense teacher in Raatchasi that speaks about the urgent need to revamp educational system and need to impart quality education in government schools.

The movie throws open a debate on the quality of teachers and the education being imparted to students. Credits to newcomer Sy Gowthamraj who gathers guts to question the system.

As a fearless teacher Jyothika hogs limelight. She emotes, makes audience cry and flexes her muscles too. Her character is powerful yet dignified. A soft-spoken amiable teacher in Khaakha Khaakha to an angry young teacher in Raatchasi, she has come a long way. There is Poornima Bhagiyaraj, Hareesh Peradi, Sathya, Kavitha Bharathi and Muthuraman in the cast. Music is by Sean Roldon and Gokul Benoy cranking the camera.

The headmaster of a government school brings in several changes at her institution despite facing odds from various quarters. Geetha Rani (Jyothika) comes to take charge as headmaster at a government school in a remote village in south Tamilnadu. She finds the institution undisciplined and teachers not up to the task. The onus is on her to set things right. Her progressive plans find protests. Meanwhile, there is a private school correspondent who crosses swords with her.

The bonding between headmaster and her students and the novel methods she suggests to draw more children to schools are well-written. Razor sharp dialogues by Bharathi Thambi and Gowthamraj deserve applause. Sean Roldan’s music adds strength. Though there are shades of films like Saattai and Pallikoodam, the movie is more loud in terms of questioning the current educational system. Though the screenplay goes weak and progresses in a predictable manner in the latter half, the fact that it is a well intention movie makes you overcome the flaws.