TN CM opposes privatisation of Salem steel plant

Chennai: MPs of AIADMK and DMK will meet the Central Minister concerned to oppose the divestment plans of Salem Steel Plant, said Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami, today.

Speaking at the Assembly during the question hour, Leader of the Opposition, MK Stalin brought out the issue of notifications regarding the privatisation of the Salem Steel and Alloy Steel plant.

“We need to meet the Prime Minister and oppose the move. DMK MPs will also join you for the same. We are ready for that,” said Stalin.

In his response, the Chief Minister said, “It is true that the Centre is pushing for privatisation of the plant. It will stopped. Efforts will be taken to meet the PM and Ministers regarding the issue. Our MPs can raise their concerns in both Houses of the Parliament.”

Meanwhile, Palaniswami also stated in the Assembly session that rates for milk producers will be raised in due course. However, he hinted that, if the move is made, milk price will also rise. “We cannot possibly raise the price for producers without increasing consumer retail rates,” he said.

NT Bureau