Strong winds in Pamban sea delay trains by up to 3 hours

Rameswaram: Strong wind conditions were witnessed in the Pamban sea yesterday. Due to this, as a precautionary measure three trains from Rameswaram bound for different destinations were delayed from departing by up to three hours.

As is the practice, whenever there is strong winds in the sea, trains running on the Rameswaram-Pamban sea bridge are not operated. At around 8.50 pm, the three trains – Chennai bound Rameswaram Express, the Sethu Express and Madurai Passenger train – left for their destinations.

In a related incident, Even as Rameswaram, Pamban and Danushkodi witnessed rough and strong winds throughout the day, four fishermen from the island who had gone into the sea on Thursday were missing. A search is being carried out by the Coast Guard officials.

NT Bureau