College Road in Nungambakkam suffers from unauthorised parking

Chennai: Unauthorised parking of vehicles is proving to be a huge cause of concern at the College Road in Nungambakkam, so to say.

According to Ramani who works at the DPI office here, “Between the office of the Regional Metrological Department and that of the Directorate of Public instructions, there is always a row of two-wheelers, parked along the footpaths here.”

He also adds that the said stretch was recently well-laid and that the parking issue is the only concern here. It may be noted that the road is a key link to several offices and educational institutions, with heavy vehicular traffic all day long.

Residents and others rue that they are forced to walk on the main road, with motorists constantly honking at them. “All this is due to the lack of space on pavements,” says a commuter here.

Raju, a social activist and a resident states that the pedestrian pathway should be cleared. He also says that since this stretch is a VVIP route, it was relatively free of encroachments earlier. “This issue has cropped up only few weeks back,” he adds.

In this juncture, the Greater Chennai Corporation officials are expected to take the support of the city traffic police, to curb this menace.

NT Bureau