Review: Enakku Innum Kalayanam Agalae – Fun under the sun

Chennai: Amidst action films comes a comedy caper starring VJ Jagan in the lead role. It is the story of a timid youngster who is compelled to take up a job in police department to win the heart of his beloved.

Directed by Murgalingam, the movie has music by Kavinsiva and camera by Sivaraj. Manishajith, Vivekraj, Chaams and lyricist Piraisoodan play key roles.

Jagan falls in love with Manishajith. When they decide to marry, Manishajith’s brother Chaams opposes it. He wants to get his sister married to a brave policeman. Jagan decides to join police department. But he is shy and a timid guy. With the help of his friends, he becomes a cop in local police station. But he lands into trouble when he arranges wedding of a lover couple, who eloped from their houses. The girl’s family are influential in the village and they plans to bump off Jagan for his act.

Call it a good show by Jagan. He has comedy, romance and emotions to do in his heroic venture. Manishajith is cute and bubbly. Vivekraj does a decent show. Piraisoodan gets a meaty role to do. The story and dialogues by Karaikudi Narayanan is good. Though the movie sounds cliched at many places, the humour works out well. A decent outing for Murugalingam.

NT Bureau