Rs 3 crore worth drinking water supply projects inaugurated in Chennai

Chennai: In a beneficial move to the neighbourhood, Municipal Administration Minister S P Velumani, recently inaugurated Rs 3 crore worth drinking water supply projects for Madambakkam and Chitlapakkam Town Panchayats, along with treatment plants to draw from stone quarries, for Pammal and Anakaputhur Municipalities.

The event took place in the presence of State Rural Industries Minister P Benjamin. According to sources, the project for Pammal and Anakaputhur envisages the drawing of water from five abandoned quarries in Senkazhuneermalai, to provide for residents of the two Municipalities. This would help to supply 15 lakh litres for Pammal and another 10 lakh litres for Anakaputhur. Velumani stated that the timely action by the State government, had averted the 2014-like water crisis in the State.

Thanking the authorities for the initiative, Sridhar, a resident of Pammal, said, “It is good to hear that we would get 15 lakh litres everyday. The project would be of immense help and help us overcome scarcity.”

Echoing the same, James, who lives in Anakaputhur, noted, “It has been a testing time for us. The water level has gone down in wells and other resources in our area. We are feeling the pinch. We are confident that once this project is completed, the situation would be eased, as we would get about 10 lakh litres of water.”

NT Bureau