TRANSTAN says there is marginal rise non-MLC

Chennai: Tamilnadu has been a frontrunner in organ donation. However, in 2018, the number of registrations witnessed a dip. The reason being, according to Transplant Authority of Tamilnadu (TRANSTAN), is the decrease in number of road traffic accidents (RTA) occurring in the State.

The numbers state that there is a 12 per cent decline in the number of donations made in 2018. A total of 140 donations were made in 2018 in government and privatehospitals, whereas in 2017, it was 160. In 2019, as of date, 71 donors have donated their organs. Transtan, in a recent meeting said there is a slight increase in the number of non-medico-legal cases (non-MLC).

“There is a marginal increase in the number of non-MLC like stroke or thrombosis in the recent days,” said Transtan Member Secretary Kanthimathi.

Statistics from March to May show that there has 4 non-MLC donors in 2018 and 10 in 2019. It may be noted that the major portion of organ donation comes through MLC and a limited number from non-MLC.

“Although the numbers cannot be matched with the medico-legal cases such as road traffic accidents, self fall, electric shock etc. But it is an option which could be considered as per our comparative study,” Kanthimathi added.

According to her, the State makes the best of use of maximum number of organs from a single brain-dead case. “In Tamilnadu, there is better utilisation of organs and at least six patients are benefitted from a single donor,” she said. From 2019, till 7 July, 71 deceased donors have been made, 48 hearts, 72 lungs, 62 livers, 124 kidneys, 28 heart valves, 102 cornea and 12 bones have been harvested, said a data Transtan website. As of date, there are 7,881 kidney, 666 liver patients (both Indian and international) are in waiting.

Bhavani Prabhakar