Erumbugal organises awareness programme to shine light on the needy

Chennai: Erumbugal is an entity comprising of 50 members, including volunteers, that works towards helping the homeless, saving what is left of the environment and for women empowerment.

Just like how ants work endlessly without making much noise, the entity has been working for more than a year to create a change in the society and help those in need.

Recently, the team organised an awareness programme at Thangal Lake Park that majored on letting people know about how to help homeless and how to get them to homes for their safety. It saw participation of Assistant Commissioner of Police Kannan and Inspector Porkodi from the neighbourhood.

Vidhya Rashmi, one of the core members of the group, speaking to News Today said, “We have been doing social service for a year now. We even help people in getting their Aadhaar, do sapling plantation, etc.”

Members of Erumbugal team with AC Kannan and police officials during their awareness drive at Thangal Lake Park.

Asked why they chose Thangal Lake Park as their location, she said, “We meet there often. Our team members consist of working individuals and some students and hence it was the perfect place to convene and attract the attention of the public. We had an expert speaker to give instructions and we had mime act too.”

The youngster said two other members, in Sandhya and Satish, were instrumental in organising the event that saw good response.

Asked what the team plans to do next, Vidhya said, “Currently, plans are on to register our group and once it is done, we will work on other categories that our group strives for with more intensity.”

“We want to help homeless and we work with other organisations to provide them a roof over their head,” she concluded.

The team can be contacted at 7358249097.

Praveen Kumar S