Thirumullaiyoval residents ask for better trash clearance

Chennai: Residents of Vaishnavi Nagar in Thirumullaiyoval are yet to get rid of their garbage issues. With the entrance to the locality off the main road filled with overflowing waste, their plight is yet to be seen by officials, they say.

Secretary of Vaishnavi Nagar Residents Welfare Association, P Thomas, when asked about it, said, “The issue has been there for quite some time. Authorities are finding more garbage as every day goes by and they are not able to handle it.”

The reason is that more and more families and individuals are making in-roads in the society, increasing the population by a drastic amount in a short period of time, state long-time residents of the area.

“With the construction of apartments, come more people. Naturally, this generates more garbage and I think authorities did not anticipate this. They are failing to clear garbage effectively,” said Murugavel from the place.

A few residents said people need to be responsible as well. They say that some individuals throw waste furniture near the garbage cans instead of disposing them off properly. Also, overflowing bins have attracted mongrels to the area, said many.

“The Avadi Municipality (now a Corporation) sends sanitary workers door-to-door to collect waste. People must at least leave the waste outside their houses. The workers on the other hand must not expect people to come and throw garbage in the tricycle and rather pick them up from the doorsteps. Some workers do not do that and leave the trash as it is at the doorstep,” said a resident who did not want to be named. It is in the hands of both residents and authorities to set things right in the locality.

Praveen Kumar S