Chap Chay revamps dining experience with delicious specials

Indo-Asian restaurant, Chap Chay at The RainTree is all set to relaunch its menu this weekend with exquisite Thai and Chinese cuisine in a bid to revamp its dining experience targeting food lovers across the city. News Today had the chance to taste the soon to launch menu. It was a beautiful experience to try different food and chef specials.

For the uninitiated, Chap Chay is a colloquially used Chinese term which means a mix of vegetables, noodles, meat tossed together with spices and sauces for a quick and healthy meal. I started with soup which looked like foam and moved on to Prawn Crispy Salad with Thai lemon chilli dressing. Then I tired Cheung Fun Xia which has prawns stuffed rice roll, sesame and soy and kinda looked like dumplings but you will find it here little bit different. Pork Xiao Long Bao, roasted pork belly with sesame oil offers good taste and it is slightly roasted.

Chap Chay offers many new foods for vegetarians too like Tofu Moon Purai which is silken tofu with sweet soy, basil and bird eye chilli, and Kaffir Lime Spiled Artichoke which is spinach and sesame crisp with honey chill sauce. Chicken lovers can taste the Roti Jala Gulai Ayam Cemani combo, a healthy black chicken with gule sauce and roti which is similar to Kerala Parottas. The combination is very good, especially the black chicken. Jasmine tea served at the hotel is a must try and it would go along with almost all the meals.

‘We have been working on the new menu for the last eight months,’ said executive chef of The Raintree, Tamoghna. ‘After many feedback from customers and our team chefs’ creative ideas, we soon came up with this latest menu.’ Chief chef of Chap Chay, Suraj, added, ‘We are still working on last minute changes and hope that it would be received well among the Asian food lovers.’

You can also make your own Chap Chay at their live stir fry counter. Fill your bowl with various choice of noodles and vegetables from varieties on display, add meat or seafood if you like and then pick your sauces. The master chef will stir it up into a delicious meal.

(Chap Chay at The RainTree is located at 120, St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet. For details, contact 2430 4050)

M Chitharth