Around 100 govt doctors hold dharna at MMC

Chennai: Demanding proper implementation of Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP), doctors across Tamilnadu are raising their concerns. Around 100 practitioners held a dharna at Madras Medical College today to bring government attention.

As per the DACP, a government doctor shall be given a wage hike and promotion after the completion of four, nine and 13 years of service. However, according to the doctors, there is a disparity in it in Tamilnadu.

“We are given increment and promoted after 15, 17 and 20 years’ of service. The fight for implementation has been happening since the past 15 years,” they said.

Service Doctors and Post-Graduate Association State organising secretary Dr Ramalingam said that the Centre came up with DACP in 2006 and Tamilnadu government adopted in 2009.

The other demand put forth by the doctors in government service is the retaining of the number of doctors working in the government sector. There around 18,000 doctors in Tamilnadu working in Directorate of Medical Services (DMS), Directorate of Public Health (DPH) and Directorate of Medical Education (DME).

“Soon after a doctor completes his stint in DPH and get a PG degree, s/he will be entering DMS or DME as they are specialised. As a consequence, a major chunk of practitioners end up working for DME and in the State there are 8,500 doctors under DME where one can teach students, treat patients and do research. However, the State government is trying to bring down the number in DME by adopting the MCI policies and norms for the faculty position. At present there are around 800 doctors who are at the risk of being displaced to DMS,” Ramalingam added.

He further stated that the government should consider the OP population and IP census and increase the number of doctors rather than decreasing.

The doctors also placed a request to conduct transfer counselling on a regular basis before allocation of direct posting in areas other than their hometown and retaining the service quota.

“After serving as an assistant surgeon in DPH, the practitioners apply for post-graduation and take up competitive exams along with other students. Previously, it was being followed, however, NEET changed the scenario and we want the quota to be brought back,” the doctor said.

If the State government fails to respond to the demands, the association plans to conduct relay fasting on Monday and would stop OP for two hours 18 June.

NT Bureau