Catch a glimpse of Kanchi Athi Varadar on Day 13 in green silk

Chennai: On the second Saturday of the Athi Varadar vaibhavam today, the crowds at the Sri Devarajaswamy Temple in Kanchipuram, where the idol is giving darshan to devotees, have been unmanageable.

People returning from Kanchipuram have already been complaining that they had to wait for close to 6-7 hours to have the darshan of the Lord. It just got worse today.

On the 13 day of public darshan today, the Athi Varadar idol looked resplendent draped in green silk and was almost covered in mounds of flowers. Garlands made of white lotuses and red roses added beauty to the charming deity.

Photos / video: D Sundar

Devotees waiting for darshan of Athi Varadar



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