Bollywood star Vivaan Shah speaks about his role in new web series

Chennai: What happens to the lives of six ‘single’ friends who live in busy Bollywood town called Mumbai? This is the premise of the all new web series, ‘Only For Singles’ released on MX Player. The show captures ‘the lives of six singles and questions them on basis of their religion, caste, profession’.

Touted as a comedy-drama, the series traces friendships, love and jugaads of the characters. Amongst the six, Vivaan Shah plays as a call centre executive who is passionate about art. Son of actor Naseeruddin Shah, the young star has shared screen space with Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Happy New Year‘. His filmography includes 7 Khoon Maaf, Bombay Velvet and Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana.

In an email interview with News Today, Vivaan says, “I play Mickey, a graphic novelist.” To prepare for the roles, director Samar Sheikh made the actors play group exercises and games “in order to create a camaraderie and team spirit.” Vivaan says, “People can expect a classic sit com along the lines of Friends and That 70s Show.”

How was it like to work with the cast and crew? “It was great. All were a really nice people and everyone worked hard,’ says Vivaan. He shares an unforgettable experience which happened while filming. ‘We worked in the peak of monsoons and one day on the way to shoot, the entire cast and crew got stalled because a tree had fallen and blocked the path. So we all had to park our cars and walk to the set in the rain,” says Vivaan.

The chat then shifted towards OTT platforms. When asked if it will change the cinema industry, Vivaan comments, “I don’t know if it will change Indian cinema, but hopefully it will make it more democratic and give people a chance.” He also points, the only thing good about OTT platforms is that they “provide more employment opportunities to people.”

“As a consumer I am not a fan of OTT platforms,” he confessed. “I’m old fashioned, and prefer to watch things on the big screen or on DVD or on the television.”

Vivaan’s creative skill also lies in writing. In fact, he has written a book titled, ‘Living Hell’. Does writing influence his job as an actor? “It does,” he says. “Acting and writing are very similar disciplines. It’s basically the art of communicating thoughts.” His other upcoming projects include the film, ‘Coat, with Sanjay Mishra about handicrafts business in Bihar, and a role in Mira Nair’s ‘Suitable Boy‘.

Mohammed Rayaan