Akshara Haasan speaks about ‘Kadaram Kondan’ & Kamal

Chennai: Ever since the launch of the trailer of ‘Kadaram Kondan’, the Internet is abuzz with huge expectations.

Produced by Kamal Haasan, the movie stars Vikram, Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan in lead roles. It is directed by Rajesh Selva, who made Thoongaa Vanam before. Ahead of Kadaram Kondan‘s release on 19 July, Akshara Haasan speaks to News Today about her role.

Excerpts from the interview
Q: Tell us about your role in Kadaram Kondan?
A: I play Athira, a pregnant woman. I can’t say more about it. The movie is serious and racy. For my role, I had to struggle a lot. I asked my mother for help. I practised two hours a day on how a pregnant woman walks, sits and behaves. Being an actor it is important to perform such minor details with authenticity. Also, I had the chance to perform my own stunts.

Q: How did you get this role?
A: When director Rajesh Selva approached me for the role, I asked him if the character will be suitable for me. Only when he said yes, I accepted the offer. I am looking forward to be part of action films.

Q: On acting in a movie produced by your father Kamal Hassan?
A: At Raaj Kamal Films International, every actor is given equal importance. They are extremely professional and always select people with talent. My father has taught me to treat each film as my first and work with dedication, discipline and conviction. As a team, it becomes our responsibility to deliver the best.

Q: Do you have any identity crisis as your family are top stars?
A: A child who is born in a well-known family will always have this notion to step away from that identity and create a name of their own. I always work hard to prove myself that I am more than just Kamal Hassan’s daughter. I ask myself can I stand on my own feet without his name? That’s why I have worked as assistant director when I was in Mumbai and have done many other jobs. Discovering myself helped me understand who I wanted to be as an actor. Having the ‘Haasan’ name is a big responsibility. So my sister and I work hard to take the name further up.

Q: You have worked with big stars like Amitabh and Vikram. Tell us about your experience.
A: It was a learning curve. I was very scared and nervous to perform with Bachchan sir in Shamitabh. I remember when shooting a scene, I struggled to say a dialogue. He offered to teach me and when he said that out loud, I was impressed and screamed ‘Wow’!” (Laughs). He is top class in his performance. Likewise Vikram was also a thorough professional.

Mohammed Rayaan