Battered road is a cause for concern, rue Krishnapuri residents

Chennai: Residents living in Bishop Garden Extension in Krishnapuri, RA Puram, Chennai, recently are a worried lot as the road is currently in a poor condition as the road relaying work has been delayed.

The top layer of the tarmac has been removed by the corporation recently to relay the road but the work has been stalled and the road has been left as it is which is causing trouble to motorists and pedestrians on the locality.

Speaking about this Lakshman Rao, a senior citizen and resident of the locality says, “The road was in a poor condition with lot of potholes on the stretch and despite repeated complaints no action was taken to re-lay the road, but a month ago, the officials came and measured the road for its re-lay and soon they even removed the top layer of the tarmac but the work has been stalled.”

He points out that the road now is very rough and it is difficult for people to drive vehicles or walk on the stretch. “Lot of senior citizens live on this stretch and they find it very difficult to walk, even two-wheelers must be driven with caution as the vehicle can skid on the road. It will be helpful if the work on road relay resumes soon.”

Loganathan, a security guard of the locality also says, “When the road was dug up it was promised that they would relay the stretch the next day itself but it has been many weeks now and there are no signs of it. Residents here use the road for their morning walk and they find it difficult, he says.

Another resident, Shyam says, “It will be of an immense help if the road gets relaid but the area also has another issue which is the garbage collection,” he says pointing out to a heap of waste dumped on the roadside. “There are two bins in this stretch and it always gets full with the waste coming from a residential complex, other people then dump the waste on the roadside. The street needs another bin and only then we can avoid the foul smell emanating from the waste dumped in the road,” he adds.

Aaditya Anand M