Frequent power cut in Nanganallur irks residents

Chennai: Since the past few days, there has been frequent power outage reported in places like Lakshmi Nagar, Balaji Nagar and other parts of Nanganallur. Residents state that the electricity supply was erratic during the brief spell that the neighbourhood witnessed recently.

“It has become a daily routine between 11 pm and 3 am. Children and office-goers are the ones who feel the pinch. Whenever we try to contact the electricity board officials, either the line is busy or they fail to provide a response,” rued Vanamala, a resident of Hindu Colony.

Many residents alleged that the motors of several devices were damaged due to voltage fluctuation. Accepting the irregular power supply, United Forum of Nanganallur Associations vice-president, Sridhar Bulusu, said, “We cannot blame the TANGEDCO employees, but the residents who have been using air-conditioners and refrigerators regularly that has been consuming more units. When the officials want to manage the situation by installing additional transformers, the residents oppose to install it in front of their homes. If everyone of them reacts like this, it would be impossible to handle the situation, residents’ cooperation is required.”

A senior official from the government said the number of people using AC, fridge and heavy appliances has gone up in recent days which is the reason for the voltage fluctuation. The department is also preparing for the monsoon. “Measures are being taken to make the neighbourhood rain-ready. Workers are involved in cutting the trees which touch live wires. Residents, too, should cooperate with us and reduce unnecessary wastage of electricity,” the official added.

Bhavani Prabhakar