Jutting transformer at Tank Bund Road poses risk to motorists

Chennai: The pavement of Tank Bund Road at Mahalingapuram near Nungambakkam is already narrow and adding fuel to the fire is the problem of an EB transformer extending on the road. It has made the stretch a difficult one to negotiate apart from making it a dangerous spot, says Kamalakannan, a regular at the spot.

Harish Narayanan says motorists have to be very careful while crossing this portion of the road as the protruding metal rod can hit them easily. He adds, “The curved portion of the road is just before the transformer, and hence, it cannot be viewed from far. An immediate action to set right this problem would be highly appreciable.”

The two metal rods protruding outside the pedestrian pavement make the spot more vulnerable to accidents, says Philomeena a college professor, who further states that apart from this problem, this narrow pavement is also facing the issue of encroachments which forces the pedestrians to walk on road.

It is urged that the officials should either shift the transformer to some other spot or modify it in such a way that the metal rods do not protrude.

Sarma, a longtime resident of the road, says that the civic body which maintains the pavement is yet to remove unused and unwanted things. He further states that the road should be cleared at the earliest so as to prevent any mishaps.

When News Today contacted the civic body, it was informed that the work of removing encroachments is underway and that the pavement will be cleared soon.

Chitralekha Vanamamalai