Shri Natesan Vidyasala staff undergo disaster management training

Chennai: In an attempt to empower the staff at Shri Natesan Vidyasala MHSS, a training programme was organised by the school management in association with Sri Satya Sai Seva organisation’s Disaster Management Team, Tamilnadu wing, which has been undertaking several rescue operations across the country during times of disaster.

The training was essentially to educate the staff about basic first-aid and measures to be taken during road accidents and natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. First-aid required in times of choking, stroke, heart attack and epilepsy were demonstrated. The types of fire accidents were also discussed in detail, and a demonstration on how to control the flames was given. Not only that, the staff were provided hands-on training should any such accident take place.

Several instances of how lives were saved during times of disaster were shared by the volunteers from Sri Satya Sai Seva organisation.

The entire programme was spearheaded by Thiagarajan and his team, an alumnus of the school, and also the recipient of Good Persons Award, instituted by the school, for his contributions to society during times of crisis, especially during the tsunami, Chennai, Kerala floods and Vardah and Gaja cyclones.

During the feedback session, a few staff shared some instances from their life where irrevocable loss was experienced by their near and dear ones due to lack of awareness.

NT Bureau