World Cup finals: What the English players said

England found cricketing bliss by dint of divine intervention and Ben Stokes’ brilliance, cracking a code that proved indecipherable for 44 years as history sliced through teary-eyed New Zealand’s grasp in a final that will be remembered for ages. England won it via Super Over on boundary count.

Buttler: Unbelievable. Thought you’ve seen everything in cricket. That was ridiculous. Hard to put into words, what an unbelievable game. Wanted to take it deep. Didn’t feel the run rate would be an issue if we (Stokes and him) stayed till the end. Just wanted to get a partnership going. Don’t know what happened. Unbelievable.


I’ll take that. What a day. Hasn’t sunk in yet. What a finish that was. Hats off to the Kiwi boys. Wanted to get to the other end, get Stokesy in. Still had batters towards the end. As Root said, felt like it would happen for us.


Pretty sure I was going to bowl it. Just had a double-check with Morgs. Still racing (heartbeat). Probably the biggest thing (in his life).

The way the guys started in this tournament from the beginning, would’ve been disappointing not to win. They’ve been a family to me.

Joe Root

Unbelievable. Wow. It is hard to sum up. What a day. What a tournament. I think everyone has gone into it and done everything they can. We have come through some difficult period in the group stage and held it together.

To see the guys perform under pressure, the stars were with Ben. He has been through such a hard time. So proud of him. His family has been through a lot, especially proud of him.

Jonny Bairstow

Elated. First of all massive commiseration to New Zealand. That was one helluva of a game. Edges one way, edges another. They have had a helluva tournament all the way through. For the way they came out in the Super Over was huge. I thought we bowled really well. Then they put us under a heck of a lot of pressure. It became pretty tough. The way Stokesy and Jos (Buttler) got the partnership, it was the difference.

To play at Lord’s is one thing but to play a World Cup final at Lord’s is completely different matter. To have our friends and families is amazing. It is difficult to put it in words.

Ben Stokes: Yeah.. I am lost for words. All the work over four years, to get here and be the champions of the world is an amazing feeling. I think so (the respect the two sides have for each other). Playing against New Zealand has always been a great event to be part of.

They are seriously good team. They are really really good lads. I have spent plenty of time with those guys. I said to Kane I will be apologising for the rest of my life.