Entire Twitter loves #SareeTwitter

Since Monday, Twitter has flooded with #SareeTwitter where several netizens have started sharing photos of them in their best saree. The hashtag has become a hit with several celebrities and even politicians taking part. Bollywood actress Yami Gauta uploaded a photo of herself in a saree with a caption reading: ‘I completely agree with this trend, nothing can match the elegance and beauty of a Saree! So sharing my most special saree moment 😀 #SareeTwitter’.

Similarly, actress Nagma also took on to share a photo of her donning yellow. She said: ‘Saree dipicts our Indian tradition and culture. It is also supposed to be known as our sexiest costume. One looks dignified, elegant, beautiful, graceful and yet cna seem very appealing in it #SareeTwitter’.

NT Bureau