Chennai hospital saves driver’s leg from amputation

Lorry driver Albert with doctors at Parvathy Hospital in Chennai, where he underwent surgery.

Chennai: In an attempt to treat a 33-year-old patient with compound fracture suffered in an accident, Parvathy Hospital conducted a single surgery that prevented amputation.

The patient, Albert, a lorry driver, met with an accident and sustained a fracture dislocation in his right hip joint, with compound fracture in right leg and multiple fracture dislocation in his ankle. He also suffered a nerve injury and was unable to move his leg and ankle with loss of sensation, said a press release.

His hip joint cup was operated and to cover the wound, a series of plastic surgeries was performed, following which Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) fusion nail procedure was conducted.

Elaborating the procedure, Parvathy Hospital’s Orthopedics department director Dr Dharmaraj said, “The patient was having a flail limb. His bones were displaced and his limb was not moving and he suffered with disorganised ankle. A single surgery was performed to address both leg and ankle fracture. This single surgery procedure Tibiotalocalcaneal fusion nail was performed in an innovative method which saved his leg.”

Owing to the patient’s financial condition, the surgery was conducted free of cost.

NT Bureau