Overflowing bins on New Avadi road irk residents

Broken garbage bins kept on New Avadi Road near Gandhi Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar need to be replaced.

Chennai: Users of New Avadi Road, near Gandhi Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar have to battle dirt and filth daily, for there is garbage falls from bins and whole lot of filth that remains uncleared most of the time.

Those who pass through this road will feel it an eyesore with the garbage bins remaining full most of the time and trash lying scattered outside the bins. As the bins are full, what ever is dumped into it obviously falls outside it, says Ravichandran who stays nearby. Of course, one cannot afford to forget the foul smell when they make it through the street.

“It is nose breaking, but there is no option, so we just move past simply bearing the stink,” says another resident Dharmadurai. There is some relief when the trash bins are emptied. But that respite is only of a short duration, as these boxes of waste are full in no time. New Avadi Road and its surrounding areas are busy locations with shops, eateries and host of other establishments that attract good number of people. So the garbage generation is also very high, the bins are probably full in no time.

The things go for worse here as the road is also used for urination by many in the night time. There are no public toilets any where nearby and the road has become a urination spot for many. Urination and garbage dirt make situation only horrible. Rains also makes matters more difficult here. The filth is washed to other parts of the street, thanks to rain water. The stink is also intensive then. The only way to keep trouble at bay here is to go for neatness here.

Hope that will happen at the earliest. The streets should be kept clean, public places are cleaned, yet we see them dirty again in no time and that should not be repeated, says a representative of local residents welfare association.

He also mentioned that broken bins has to replace quickly to avoid such stench. Corporation worker said, “We informed our higher officials to replace the broken bins. There is delay due to non-availability of new bins in Corporation. The wheels on bins are good to move easily, so we are doing our work.”

S Solomon Raj