‘Terrorists’ caught near harbour during coastal security drill

Chennai: This morning, six ‘terrorists’ were caught near Harbour. Only, they were part of the biannual coastal security drill, Operation Sagar Kavach.

The Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Police, Fisheries Department, Intelligence Bureau and the coastal community along with city police will carry out the 36-hour-long drill to analyse and strengthen security of the coastal zones across the State.

The security drill began 6 am today with the police divided into two teams – one team posing as terrorists who infiltrate, while another forms the defence team.

Fake bombs are planted and dummy weapons are hidden for the defence team to find.

“The police have been conducting random vehicle checks and most government offices have stepped up security. Many employees were asked to show their identity cards at the entrance,” a police source said.

Security and patrolling along the coastal region in Cuddalore, Ramnathapuram, Thoothukudi and Nagapattnam was increased to prevent ‘infiltration’.

The exercise, which concludes tomorrow, helps re-evaluate security procedure and preparedness.

NT Bureau