19th day Athi Varadar darshan: Security tightened around temple (video)

Chennai: We invite readers to have a darshan of Sri Athi Varadar on the 19th day today through this video.

The Lord is decorated with blue silk robes with a green silk vastram laid over it. The most charming bit was that a huge garland made of the sweet-smelling vettiver also decorates the deity.

Yesterday’s unfortunate incidents have made the Kanchipuram administration tighten security arrangements and improve crowd management.

The temple administration has said from today, people will be allowed to have darshan of only Sri Athi Varadar and not offer worship to the other deities in the temple. This, they think, would help in better crowd management.

Another interesting event of the day was that a free booklet on the legend of Athi Varadar and other nuggets of information regarding the deity was distributed by Tamil eveninger, Malai Sudar, a sister publication of News Today.

The beautiful booklet that had the picture of Athi Varadar on the cover, was placed at the feet of the deity and then distributed to the devotees.

Photos / video: D Sundar

NT Bureau