Jeevajothi cannot accept that Rajagopal did not serve his sentence

Chennai: The body of P Rajagopal, owner of Saravana Bhavan chain of hotels, has been sent to Stanley Government Hospital for post-mortem.

According to reports, the Ponneri magistrate would have be present there to complete the formalities and record the circumstances leading to his death yesterday morning.

After this, it is said, the post-mortem would be carried out and then the body handed over to his kin.


Jeevajothi, whose husband Prince Santhakumar was murdered by the henchmen of Rajagopal as she resisted his attempt to marry her and make her his third wife, reacted today to his death. She said though his death made her sad, she could not accept that he was not in prison for even a single day after he was handed down a life sentence.

She said her husband’s soul would not rest in peace at this turn of events.

In her statement, she detailed how she was deprived of a happy life with her husband at a very young age due to the machinations of Rajagopal and how Santhakumar was brutally murdered.

She struggled to bring Rajagopal to justice, she said. But she could not accept that he died without serving a single day in prison as per the court judgement, she added.

NT Bureau