Review: ‘Kadaram Kondan’ – Kick-ass show

Chennai: Vikram is back at his best. He plays a stylish double agent who is on a mission. Playing the protagonist KK in Kadaram Kondan, he has very little to speak but emote and flex his muscles more.

An adrenaline-pumping action thriller, he makes it an engrossing watch. Thoongavanam fame Rajesh M Selva, who has written the screenplay besides directing the film has made sure that the racy venture is crisp and engaging. With a running time of 121 minutes, Kadaram Kondan manages to bring audience to their seat edge.

The movie is about a couple Aathira and Vasu (Abhi Haasan and Akshara Haasan) who come to Malaysia. Vasu takes up a job in a hospital. KK (Vikram) is admitted in a comatose condition.

All hell breaks loose when Malaysian cops find out that Vikram was most wanted by the police a few years ago. Meanwhile, the pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Haasan) of Abhi is kidnapped and the kidnappers want him to help free KK from the hospital.

A series of events unfold and KK, with the help of Abhi, goes on revenge mode and settles scores with a few in the Malaysian police department.

Rajesh M Selva whose Thoongavanam was inspired by Hollywood flick Take Away, has made Kadaram Kodan based on French flick À Bout Portant.

Vikram is the life and blood of the film. With his intriguing look, Vikram adds strength to the film. It is heartening to see Vikram playing an action-packed role with utmost ease and conviction. With salt n pepper look and a different hair style, Vikram brings out right emotions for the role with his look. His body language and anger in his eyes fit the role well.

Abhi Haasan (Nasser’s son) makes a good beginning. He has enough opportunities to romance, emote and do some action scenes. He looks comfortable before the camera. Akshara Haasan is tailor-made for the role with her subtle emotions.

Technically, Kadaram Kondan, produced by Rajkamal Films International, is glossy and rich. The chasing sequences have been canned well. Ghibran’s background score ensures the momentum is not lost anywhere. Rajesh M Selva has made sure Vikram fans don’t leave disappointed from cinema hall.