Bigg Boss – 3: Is Kavin the next Mahat?

Losliya, Kavin

Last week’s eviction from Bigg Boss – 3 house was a major setback – well, that’s not for the housemates or the audience, but for the meme creators. One of the toughest competitors, Vanitha Vijayakumar, got evicted from the house last week. Though this shocked the housemates, none seemed to worry much about the elimination. However, for the audience and meme creators it was quite boring due to less controversies in the Bigg Boss house.

This week, the house was seemed to be quite silent as Vanitha was evicted. It can be said that except for her, everyone else is playing the same game. So, none can be expected to bring out issues to a general discussion.

However, this week’s hot topic was Kavin and his ‘relationship’. Kavin, who developed friendship with the four girls in the house, is now facing problems from them saying that he individually gave hopes to them.


Usually, contestants evicted from the house will be interviewed by leading YouTube channels. In that way, a huge group of Bigg Boss followers were looking forward to Vanitha’s interview. Apart from her self-praising acts, what Vanitha spoke somehow hit people on the head. In the interview, she said, ‘In the initial promo videos, Kamal sir said people’s mask will be torn in a week. But the reality is, a week after the show, they started wearing ‘mask’.’

She complained and slammed the contestants for not being real. She complained especially that housemates – Abirami and Sakshi – were ‘playing’ by developing unwanted relationships. “Sakshi clearly knows that people are watching and she deliberately grabs attention by being close to Kavin. Same is the story with Abirami and Mugen. Else, why would Mugen be close to Abirami when he is already in a relationship with a girl outside the house?” Vanitha asked.


Targetting a particular contestant when they are in nomination in Bigg Boss house is not a new thing. In that way, contestant Meera Mithun has been targetted by fellow housemates right from her entry. In one of the controversies this week, Meera Mithun and Sandy was supposed to complete a task for the luxury budget and they finished it successfully. However, in the end, she felt she was not given proper credit and arranged a meet to explain to them how she was being targetted by her co-housemates. This has created confusion among the contestants, with them again cornering her.


In the initial weeks, housemate Kavin showed interest in Losliya and was trying to impress her. However, Losliya remained calm and composed. However, this week, Losliya took Kavin’s indirect proposals as a serious one. While Losliya got so much of love from the audience after ex-Bigg Boss contestant Oviya, after this incident, this has created some confusion among the people.


However, in tomorrow’s eviction, contestants – Cheran, Abirami, Saravanan, Mohan Vaidya, Meera Mithun – have been nominated. While the contestants target Meera Mithun, we cannot be sure about the eviction as the show is all about twists and turns. Let’s see who gets evicted and who is ready to give more content.

P T Usha