Centre doesn’t want to impose Hindi on TN: Minister Nirmala

Murugappa Group executive chairman M M Murugappan, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Chettinad Group chairman M A M R Muthiah, IBCN 2019 secretaries, Muthu Subramaniam and M A Annamalai, and IBCN 2019 treasurer Ramanand Subramaniam during the inauguration of the International Business Conference of Nagarathars 2019 in Chennai today.

Chennai: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today said the Central government does not have the intention to impose Hindi on Tamilnadu.

Speaking to mediapersons after inaugurating the fourth edition of International Business Conference of Nagarathars (IBCN) here, she said the Central government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was also involved in promoting Tamil.

“It is not always right to take up the topic of Hindi imposition,” she said.

Speaking during the event, she said Indians are front-runners in several fields including education and business.

“Indians will be the guru for the next generation people from other countries,” she added.

She further said the Union government will take all necessary action to ensure ease of business in the country.

“Instead of just creating jobs, the main focus of our government is to encourage entrepreneurs. Several schemes have also been implemented to establish this. India will grow only when youngsters and business persons are given the opportunity to grow,” she said.

“We spent the first 60 years after Independence only by talking about rights and forgot to do our duty. Just like how we talk about rights, we should also be focussed to do our duty. The poor people of the country continue to do their duty which is why the government brings several schemes for their benefit. But why only the poor should bear all the burden? Only after keeping this in mind, the tax on the super rich was announced in this budget. This will make them share the burden of the poor,” she said.

IBCN 2019 chairman E M C Palaniappan said the event was an effort to inspire and nurture the entrepreneurship spirit in the Nagarathar community.


Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the news of her not carrying a suitcase during the budget presentation was much talked about. “Carrying suitcase always reminds me of something else. This government does not have the habit of giving or getting suitcases. Modi-led government is not a suitcase carrying government, which is why I did not carry it,” she said.

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