VGN Avenue residents urge officials to develop park facility as promised

Chennai: A park has become a cause of concern among residents of Mugappair, Chennai.

Speaking to News Today, V G N Avenue Residents Welfare Association president B Inder Singh, said, “In 23 January, 2009, the promoters gave this land for park. Our members contributed enough fund to develop this facility. We installed sliding, see-saw, stone benches and other things. We also laid pavement for walking around this park. In 2016, Corporation officials and the then Councillor PV Tamilselvan met our members and took steps to convert VGN Avenue Park as Corporation Park.”

He added, “Officials also promised to develop this park by providing play equipment and lighting facilities, but no steps were taken by them. They promised to construct rainwater harvesting and install bore well for watering the plants. Many times we met officials regarding this issue. The only reply that we are getting, it will be done as soon as possible. For more than three years, we are waiting for developments.”

“If the government is not really interested in developing this park, we are ready to take it over again and develop it with the help of residents. This park looks green because we planted many saplings. However, we are now not able to make use of it. We installed two lamp posts in the park. But while changing the lightings, electricity workers disconnected the wire from street light. At present, there are no power, no lighting facilities, no pavement, and no playing equipment in this park.”

“Once this park was used by many residents in the locality, now no one is coming here. Senior citizens who want to relax here are also afraid of the garbage which is not cleaned for many days. The officials who promised to develop this facility were transferred to some other districts. We have planned to organise a meeting of our association and going to take legal action against the officials. The land belong to us not to the government. We will try to get it back, if they fail to develop it,” he added.

S Solomon Raj