Asian food fest at Sigree Global Grill offers delicious starters

When I was informed that Sigree Global Grill is running a special ‘Asian Grill Fest’, I expected the usual dishes that many similar restaurants across the city serve. But my doubts were put to rest when I tasted their vast number of sumptuous meal. As I stepped into the restaurant located at Nungambakkam, babble of talk from happy diners greeted me. Waiters dashed here and there, carrying long skewers pinched with smoking hot pieces of meat.

As I settled on a table, I basked into the ambiance. I noticed that the lights resembled floating lanterns, evoking Chinese/East Asian vibes. They resembled large umbrellas as if powered by bioluminescent beings. There is even a cart where variety of chaats like pani poori and sweets like Jilabi and halwas were put up on plates.

Now it was time to eat. I began with yummy starters, the crown jewel of the Grill Fest. When I tried Thai Fried Fish, the world around seized to exist. Where were you all my life? The taste drove me into a state of bliss. The fish was extremely tender and the batter was crisp. Every bite with chilli mayonnaise gave me a ‘kick’ to my taste buds.

Likewise, the Indonesian Grill Prawns were a delight. The prawns were small like a coin and slightly burnt. The masala however managed to mask the burnt flavour with its rich spice. Other dished that rocked my tongue with delight was Malaysian Sambal Fish. The fish was dipped in chilli sauce and the pieces were cut into large square chunks, reminding me of LEGO blocks. It was super soft.

The vegetarian starters were splendid too. Balinese Cottage Cheese made me wonder if I was chewing a rich piece of cheese as the paneer was fluffy. It wobbled around the skewers like a cute blob of momos. Grilled Pineapple in Sambal Sauce was juicy while Kaffir Lime Pesto Mushroom was again soft. By the time I was done with my starters, I realised that almost all the dishes served were insansely soft and the masala was the vital magic touch that gave them their soul.

Moving on to the main course, I armed myself with plates and fork in hand. As I my stomach over flowed with delicious starters, I opted to go light. I tried curd rice, salad, and for desserts I hogged up chocolate mousse. All were perfect.

The service here is too good. The waiters are fantastic and love what they do. The team informed me that the Asian Grill Fest will continue as the response has been positive since its launch. Wishing to eat the best starters in the city? Then head to Sigree Global Grill. (It is located at 11, Kodambakkam High Rd, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam. For reservations, contact 93626 44345, 2823 8340 and 4266 4222)

Mohammed Rayaan