BJP gained power through backdoor, slams Karnataka CLP chief

Bengaluru: After the H D Kumaraswamy led government in Karnataka collapsed after losing the confidence vote, Congress chief Siddaramaiah said the BJP gained access to power through the backdoor.

The CLP leader said the BJP had no faith in democracy and an unethical, illegal and anti-constitutional government was coming to power in the State. The Yeddyurappa led party had indulged in horse trading to topple the present government.

Speaking to reporters, he said, he said the coalition government was formed according to constitutional provisions. “Congress and JD(S) put together got more than 56 per cent votes whereas BJP got 36 per cent votes,” he said.

He further warned that action would be taken under the anti-defection law against the MLAs who had failed to appear for voting. He sought the Speaker for their disqualification.

NT Bureau