Review: Chennai Palani Mars – Fantasy fare

Chennai Palani Mars is a fantasy drama directed by Biju Viswanath. The film stars newcomers like Praveen Raja, Rajesh Giriprasad, A Ravikumar, Vasanth Marimuthu and Pari Ilavazhagan with music by Niranjan Babu.

The movie is about Aakash who has the ultimate aim to go to Mars but he faces numerous obstacles while navigating his way to realise his goal.

Despite having a decent story line with all the right ingredients that cooks up good humour, the film fails to make us laugh. A major let down is the unreliable narration which causes confusion as the film progresses.

In the first half, we see friends, Aakash and Andava Perumal who are drug addicts on their way to Palani Hills. Aakash, played by Praveen Raja, is very serious about reaching to Mars using an Alien object that can help a person to teleport.

We are then introduced to two cops, Thiruppa and Velu, who chase the friends after they are spotted stealing a bike. Eventually the plot then brings out of the blue another character, a workaholic IT character who plans to commit suicide. The movie also links up drug dealers with duo friends.

The cinematography and the place were the film is shot deserves a subtle note of appreciation. Several long tracking shots of the friends moving on bike in a lonely dusty road is nice. Also, the comical acting of the cops leaves you smile. Yet, the films sudden shift to introduction of new characters makes you forget the previous scenes. Had the director focused more on adding humour with chronological narration, Chennai Palani Mars would have been a different fare.

Mohammed Rayaan