Jagan Mohan hails Telangana CM, says he is doing good for AP

Amaravati: “I can tell one thing. I may not have any love for KCR but he is a good man. He is taking forward steps to do good for our state. It is essential for us to maintain cordial relationship with Telangana government,” said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday.

Speaking at the State assembly on Godavari water sharing issue, the AP CM said cooperation between the two States would ensure optimum utilisation of Godavari river water. He further said  any decision over the matter would be taken after a thorough debate.

He said that if any step does not benefit the people of the State, then the AP government would  not take it up also the best interests and future needs of the state will be taken into consederation.

Jagan further said in June-October period, about 3,000 tmc ft of water went down into the sea. He said if four tmc ft of water per day can be lifted when the river is in spate, the government will be in a position to draw about 450-500 tmc ft in the 120-day period.

AP was maintaining cordial relations with Telangana. As Andhra Pradesh was a lower riparian State and it would not get any water unless the upper riparian states released it. We may file cases and fight but we should think about the outcome. We are seeing what is happening in respect of Krishna river waters, he said.

The CM also said that engineering of irrigation projects has changed drastically. Instead of dams, barrages are being built to store water and in the coming days the need for water will go up while supply will come down. In this backdrop, we have to work in tandem with the Telangana government to get water to Srisailam and Nagarjuna sagar, thereby ensuring supply to nine districts in our state, he added.

Leader of the Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu said water was a very sensitive issue and there would not be any problem when it was available in surplus. “Trouble comes only when there is scarcity. Upper riparian states will not release water downstream in such a scenario,” he pointed out.

He asked the government to discuss everything threadbare with farmers, engineers and all concerned before taking any decision, in the best interests of the state. Naidu assured the TDP would fully support the government’s endeavours in this regard.

NT Bureau