Kerala college withdraws magazine amidst protests

Kochi: Mar Athanasius College of Engineering at Kothamangalam found itself in the midst of controversy after members of Hindu outfits protested against a magazine published by the institute.

The college authorities said that some contents in the magazine (2017-18) were against the views of the institution and so have decided to withdraw it.

The protesting members alleged that anti-Hindu contents were published in the magazine and Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa temple and Hindu belief were targeted in them.

A protest march was held from at Kothamangalam by K P Sasikala, leader of Hindu Aikyavedi. She sought the withdrawal of the magazine and action against those responsible for publishing such articles. She alleged that other religions were not included in any of the articles and only Hindu faith was targeted.

A media report quoted a student as saying that an article discussed issues such as the Supreme Court judgment of allowing women of all age groups into the Lord Ayyappa temple from a progressive point of view, and that they did not intend to hurt religious sentiments.

NT Bureau