Residents of a flat in Chennai revive well, become self sustained

Chennai: In these times of water scarcity, a well having water at 18 feet, is by itself a thing to celebrate.

Speaking about this, Sekar, a resident of Thirumoorthy Nagar in Nungambakkam, said, “The well which is in our flats, is our pride.”

Ilavarasi, another resident, said, “This place first had an independent house. It was later demolished and five flats were built in a three-storied complex in 2004. The builder retained the well that existed here.”

Rajasekaran, another resident, stated that although they had not formed any welfare association, they used to meet once a month and during the course of one such meeting in 2007, they decided to revive the well.

“We immediately sprung into action. We first cleaned and de-silted it. After that, we sent the water for tests and found that it can be consumed. While initially, we used it for gardening purposes, after regular cleaning and periodical de-silting, we started using it for drinking too.”

Another resident of the flat, who wanted to stay anonymous, noted that the collective decision taken by them to review the well, has come of help to them in this crisis.

NT Bureau