Review: ‘Kolanji’ – Game of colours

Chennai: Amidst commercial masala movies, comes Kolanji by Dhanam Saravanan. IT is a movie set around a young boy in a village. Son of a rationalist in the village, he has plenty to encounter in his life. One act of his lands his parents in trouble. How he overcomes it forms the crux.

Written by filmmaker Naveen, Kolanji is the title role played by a young boy (Kirubarakan). The film opens with a playful Kolanji getting a few whacks from his father Appasamy (Samuthirakani), who is an atheist.

Kolanji’s playfulness and unruly behaviour lands him in trouble at all times with his father, who keeps scolding and beating him. This forms a hatred for his father in Kolanji, but he seems to be happy when he is with his uncle Gemini (Rajaji), and he helps him in his love for his cousin sister Poongoodi (Naina Sarwar).

The story revolves around Kolanji and his feelings towards his father, and takes a drastic turn after an incident involving his younger brother. How Kolanji realises his father’s affection when he lands in trouble with a fellow villager’s son forms the rest of the story.

Kolanji is the flesh and blood of the movie. He has done a decent job. Yesteryear heroine Sangavi is back after a long gap and looks fit for the character. Though there are lots of characters in the movie, Samuthirakani walks away with applause. He as an angry dad pours right emotions. But at many places sounds preachy. Sendrayan appears for a peppy number.

The movie has music by Natarajan Sankaran, cinematography by Vijayan Munusamy and editing by Athiyappan Siva. A strong message which could have been conveyed in a better way.