Metrowater 2.0: Now tanker will reach you in two days

Chennai:┬áCome Monday, Chennaiites have a reason to be happy. Balancing scarcity, the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) is implementing ‘Dial for Water 2.0’ from 29 July where water will be delivered through tankers within two days of booking.

And what is better is that it would be delivered on your day of choice.

The 2019 summer has been tough for Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu, with people losing sleep over water tanker arrival and engaging in fights and protests.

The CMWSSB, which has already taken various steps to tide over the crisis, is all set to launch ‘Dial for Water 2.0’ from Monday.

Speaking to News Today, a spokesperson from CMWSSB said, “Due to the brief spells of rain, the demand for tankers has come down as the groundwater table is being recharged.”

He further said water is sourced from quarries, desalination plants, Veeranam lake and mines, besides the additional supply from Jolarpettai through train.

“The motive is to eradicate the old system where inordinate delay was experienced and ensure that the demand is met within 48 hours. With this, the disposal is done then and there in a quick way,” stated the official.

CMWSSB has also increased the number of tankers to meet the water needs. The board announced the plan on its official Twitter handle, ending the chaos and confusion over managing the scarcity.

According to CMWSSB, the consumer may choose between two days from the date of booking and the tanker would arrive on the selected day.

The officials state that they have implemented technology to bring down the waiting period.

The tweet further clarified that the re-booking can be done only after 7-10 days. For people who have already booked, the need will be served. ‘But if you do a new booking in the new system, your old booking will get cancelled automatically and water will be delivered under the new system,’ read the tweet.

The tanker can be booked online at or by dialling 044 4567 4567.

For domestic usage, 2 kl (kilo litre), 3 kl, 6 kl, 9 kl and 16 kl is priced at Rs 350, Rs 400, Rs 475, Rs 700 and Rs 1,200, and for non-domestic purposes, the tankers charge Rs 350, Rs 400, Rs 700, Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,700, respectively.

Further, the official said, “Many families from economically-backward sections book 3 kl tankers. For their welfare, they can order over phone between 9 am and 6 pm. We cannot expect them to pay online or through debit or credit cards. Such families can pay on delivery. The option of online pre-payment is also available from 6 am.”

While apartments can book only 9 kl, 12 kl and 16 kl tankers, independent residents are eligible only for 3 kl, 6 kl and 9 kl vehicles. However, booking cannot be cancelled and the delivery cannot be postponed. Online pre-payment is mandatory for booking 6 kl and it starts from 6 am, 9 kl from 10 am and 12 kl and 16 kl tankers from 12 noon.

Bhavani Prabhakar