Huge crowd throngs Athi Varadar temple on Ekadasi day (video)

The idol of Athi Varadar is decked up in blue silk and was adorned with a variety of flowers today.

Chennai: Devotees gathered in large numbers in Kanchipuram to offer prayers to Athi Varadar with today being auspicious Ekadasi day.

Huge queue up to five kilometres was seen and reports say that over 20 swooned and were given immediate medication.

There are also reports that police have been urging people to return from the town following huge crowd.

On the 28th day of His giving darshan, Lord Athi Varadar was today adorned with blue silk and multiple varieties of flowers. Today being Sunday, devotees thronged early in the morning.

Santhanam, a resident of Tambaram, who had been to Kanchipuram, says “We waited from the wee hours of today in the queue. It took almost five hours for us to see Athi Varadar. The arrangements were very poor. They should have planned things well in advance. Once in 40 years comes Athi Varadar vaibhavam and, obviously, He would draw huge crowds.”

Many claim that adequate facilities have not been provided and they are made to suffer. A devotee from Salem, said, “We had to wait in a long queue for over five hours. There was no one to guide us properly. There was no water facility too.”

Stating that the transportation facilities inside the town was lean, a devotee said, “Autorickshaw drivers fleece us demanding huge money. We don’t know where we should leave our footwear. Children and elders find it difficult.”

“HR & CE department and Kanchipuram district administration should have planned better. We cannot peacefully worship the Almighty. Wheelchair facilities for disabled are also bad.”

Photos / video: D Sundar

NT Bureau