Tree poses danger to visitors of Dhandeeswaram library in Chennai

Chennai: It is undoubtedly a luxury to read under the shade of a tree. But the tall, slanting tree at the premises of the Dhandeeswaram Full Time Public library, which is located at Seventh Avenue, Dhandeeswaram Nagar, Velacheri, is nothing short of a nightmare for the visitors.

The gigantic tree blocks the entrance of the double-storey building and is dangerously bent. People fear that it would fall in case of heavy rain or strong wind. Visitors have to bend down and enter the building as the tree blocks the entrance.

Many have expressed fear that it might damage the building, putting safety of visitors in jeopardy. A librarian working here said that the tree had bent during the Vardah Cyclone in 2016. “Officials did not take any steps despite our petitions. We have made several representations to take necessary steps, but they were all in vain. Our fear is that if a cyclone or heavy rain occurs, the tree may fall down.”

Gauri Sankar, a regular visitor and a resident of Dhandeeswaram Nagar, said, “The tree is posing hindrance for the readers. It is gradually falling down, inch by inch, and there is a possibility for the tree to fall directly on the reading room, which is normally occupied by thirty to forty visitors at any given time. In case of heavy wind or rain, the tree may come down, and there may be casualties.”

Gauri Sankar said he had petitioned many times to find a solution for this. K Murugan, a resident of Tansi Nagar, Velacheri, has been using the library for five years now. He said, “In 2018, the library authorities had raised a complaint. Later, I personally petitioned Corporation Commissioner, Divisional Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Park Maintenance Assistant Engineer. But I never got a response.”

“We are raising the issue because we want to be cautious and prevent any mishap. If the tree has to be cut, I will sponsor 50 more saplings,” he further added.

Naomi N