CMWSSB’s Dial for Water 2.0 scheme takes off without hitch

Chennai: The scheme of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), implementing ‘Dial for Water 2.0’ from Monday, where water will be delivered through tankers within two days of booking, is starting to materialise in the city. Incidentally, CMWSSB has delivered its first booking within 24 hours.

In a tweet, CMWSSB said, ‘Yes, we delivered as promised. The first Metro water tanker booked through Dial for Water 2.0 has been delivered within 24 hours from the time of booking. #HereToServe #AsPromised #CMW #ChennaiMetroWater’

The consumer, named Kulandaisamy, booked for a 9 kl (9,000 litre) tanker Monday and it was delivered Tuesday. CMWSSB has also increased the number of tankers to meet the water needs. The board announced the plan on its official Twitter handle, ending the chaos and confusion over managing the crisis.

According to CMWSSB, the consumer may choose between two days from the date of booking and the tanker will arrive on the selected day. The officials state that they have implemented technology to bring down the waiting period.

The tweet further clarified that re-booking can be done only after 7-10 days. For people who have already booked, their needs will be met. ‘But if you do a new booking in the new system, your old booking will get cancelled automatically and water will be delivered under the new system,’ read the tweet.

The tanker can be booked online at or by dialling 044 4567 4567.

NT Bureau