Review: Kazhugu 2 – Wings attached

Kazhugu 2 is a comedy thriller film written and directed by Sathyasiva, starring Kreshna Sekhar and Bindu Madhavi in lead roles. The film has music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The story is about Jaani (Kreshna) and his friend who are thieves.

They come across a man who offers them a job in the hills as security guards for woodcutters working in thick jungles. Here Jaani falls for the character played by Bindu.

Parallel, there is a local MLA who wishes to seek gold that is hidden deep in the forest. The movie eventually connects Jaani and MLA and this forms the crux of the story.

The movie has all the elements to make up a decent entertainer. The first half of the film is riddled with humor and romance. We are introduced into the lives of Jaani and his friend played by Kaali Venkat. They are mischievous thieves who consistently get caught for their atrocities.

As the film progresses towards the climax, it stumbles as it takes a dark tone. Some predictable twists and action scenes drag it unnecessarily. In terms of performance, the lead stars deliver the act with ease. As the movie ends, you realise that perhaps the theme director had in his mind is that lust for money drives people to do the impossible.

Mohammed Rayaan