Special students prove their capability through ‘Amritapaanam’

Special students preparing snacks during Amritapaanam at K K Nagar recently.

Chennai: Students with special needs served tasty cold juices and hot crispy snacks during the exciting quarterly project of Arvind Foundation – Arvind’s Cafe – at Arvindniketan, K K Nagar, recently.

The theme for this cafe project was how to make Amritapaanam – juices to beat the heat of summer. To usher in the mood, the staff and students wore dresses in sunshine yellow, sported sunglasses off and on and served cold juices (with yummy snacks) in style.

One of the students learnt the proportion of ingredients to be put in the blender, be it banana+dates or coriander+pudina+curry leaves with lemon or a very novel gooseberry+carrot combination and was doing it effortlessly.

All the visitors were impressed not just with the taste of juices with unique combinations but equally so with the excellent skills of special students, a press release from Arvind Foundation said.

While the special little ones of Arvind niketan welcomed the guests, the older students prepared the juices and served enthusiastically. The products made / packed by them were also displayed. The guests couldn’t help wondering at the ease with which these special individuals interacted with everyone.

Arvind Foundation has been organising such events to improve the social skills of special children and it has been a success story every time.

The innovative vegetable lollipops brought a smile on the faces of the guests and the mixed veg pakora was as much on demand as the juices.

Vinoth, a special adolescent, brought a tray full of glasses with juice to all the staff members saying, “All of you must be tired. Please have these to relax.”

For details, contact Arvind Foundation at 98410 34234/ 98416 15333/ 72999 11022.

NT Bureau