Jyothika speaks about ‘Jackpot’ & Suriya

Chennai: Since returning on the silver screen in 36 Vayadhinile after a gap of nearly six years, Jyothika continues to make heads turn for portraying powerful women-centric roles.

The trailer of her latest action comedy Jackpot, co-starring Revathy has earned praise from fans for its stunts, humour and of course the role portrayed by the lead stars. Produced by Suriya’s 2D Entertainment, the movie is directed by Kalyan of Gulaebaghavali fame and is all set for release 2 August.

It also has Yogi Babu, Rajendran, Anandaraj, and Mansoor Ali Khan in pivotal roles. Ahead of its release, Jyothika speaks with News Today.

Excerpts from the interview
Q: Tell us about Jackpot.
A: My character, Akshaya is a street smart girl while Masha is played by Revathy mam. They are very happy-go-lucky type. To prepare for the role, I learnt silambattam. I loved Kalyan sir’s concept and his thought process as he is always willing to show women in positive light. He gives us the platform to do such roles. My character also says loads of punch dialogues. The movie has a subtle message. It’s about doing good for people when you get an opportunity.

Q: What is it like to perform women-centric roles?
A: It is great that new directors are given the chance to make women-centric films. They are really brilliant to work with. They know how to write stories for women and that is very impressive. They always give the script months ahead and know what they are doing. I have never felt apprehension as they are new to the industry because their script gives me trust. For Raatchasi too, I was given the script early. Actors get confidence when they realise that the director knows what he is doing.

Q: How does Suriya support you while working on film projects?
A: He is incredible. He juggles his time to be a parent and as an actor. He goes to meet our children’s teachers at school despite having a shooting schedule. In fact, during the audio launch of Jackpot, Suriya managed to take time for our children’s parent-teacher meet. I strongly believe that if there is no husband in a woman’s life, then it is very difficult to work. With 2D Entertainment, it has given us the ability to make movies under a tight budget.

Q: How was it like to work with Revathy?
A: She is fantastic. After every shoot, she has the experience to analyse what works on-screen and what doesn’t. Throughout the shooting, she kept offering me suggestions. Whenever I had a tough dialogue to say for my character, I would give it to her (laughs). It was very jolly to work and we kept enjoying ourselves.

Q: How has the response been so far for your films?
A: As I have children, I always feel the urge to perform strong roles. With 2D Entertainment, I have the creative ability to do such films. Many keep appreciating my roles. When Raatchasi was released, several teachers reached out to thank me for showing a powerful teacher. Whatever was shown in Raatchasi is happening in real life. Through Agaram foundation, we have come across how government schools work. In fact, the director of the movie Gowthamraj studied in a Government school too. It is based on such experiences that we shot the film. I am willing to do more such films.

Mohammed Rayaan