Lok Sabha to go paperless from next session

Lok Sabha

New Delhi: In an effort to cut down costs, the Lok Sabha will soon go paperless.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said that the lower house will adopt paperless mode from the next session. It will help the Centre bring save crores, he added.

House members will be asked about their preference between hardcopy and e-copy, accordingly, the use of papers will be cut down. The house proceedings and other documents will be provided online.

The Speaker also encourage the members to use of e-copy of parliamentary papers. “We want that next parliament should be paperless. We are trying, you have to prepare for it in next two-and-a-half months,” he said, reported news agency ANI.

Birla further suggested that MPs can keep personal assistants and see the required information online.
“Our effort should be to properly use every penny spent on parliament. Today, this message is going with your cooperation,” he added.

NT Bureau