Traffic signals at Mugappair are poorly maintained, rue motorists

Chennai: Residents of Mugappair have to endure unending traffic snarls due to poor infrastructure. Adding to their woes, the traffic signal at the junction of 120 Feet Road and Mugappair West Main Road, near Mangal lake, is not functioning regularly.

“Due to this public get panic and confused to identify when the signal is open or not to cross the road. Why is the traffic signal not working? Who is answerable for litres of fuel wasted by cars, motorcycles, scooters and trucks caught in jams due to non-functional traffic lights?” asked Ganesh, a resident of Golden Flats.

“The conglomeration of vehicles at this junction during morning and evening rush hours creates virtually a traffic mess not only at this place but also on the entire stretch. The traffic police should pitch in when the traffic lights are not working,” he added.

“With the signal remaining defunct, school children, college students and senior citizens find it difficult to cross the road. The absence of traffic policemen during non-peak hours is a boon for the speedsters who whiz past the stretch without any care for the pedestrians,” Mani, a regular user of this road, said.

Nowadays, traffic police have been regulating vehicles during peak hours. But we need proper working of signal, Srinivasan, a resident, said. “Further, often minor accidents occur at this signal resulting in altercations between motorists,” he added.

“Faster urbanisation, increasing human and vehicle population in the city and a numerically-inadequate police force contribute to crippled traffic. Statistics reveal that thousands of vehicles are added to the lakhs already on the choked roads,” an urban planner Sundar said.

Road users urge the authorities concerned to look into the problem at this junction which will be of great help not only to the motorists but also to all sections of the public.

A traffic policeman said, “We have a team to repair signals in the city. This team will do repair work and maintain the signals. We will inform them and repair work will be done as soon as possible.”

S Solomon Raj