Indian economy has come to grinding halt, says Sitaram Yechury

File photo of Sitaram Yechury

New Delhi:  CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury today attacked the BJP-led government at the Centre, saying indicators show that the economy has ‘ground to a halt’.

He also said an economy cannot be ‘delinked’ from society, politics and governance, and alleged that the ruling party ‘actively’ promotes social disharmony.

Reacting to news reports claiming a slump in the economy, Yechury said the government’s ‘bluffing and PR’ cannot come to its aid now.

‘All indicators point to the fact that the economy has ground to a halt with the policies and actions of the government. No amount of fudging, bluffing and PR can now help cover the misery unleashed on the people,’ he said on Twitter.

‘News of an economic disaster is everywhere. But economy can’t be delinked from society, politics & governance. Poor governance under this regime, coupled with ruling party’s political ideology which actively promotes social disharmony and hatred can’t lead to high economic growth,’ Yechury tweeted.

On Thursday, he had attacked the government, saying its economic policies have “destroyed” farmers, small traders and entrepreneurs.